From Stressed To Blessed: Overcoming Anxiety and Low Mood with Minor Lifestyle Changes by Anne Cross


Developing awareness of our thoughts, responses and behaviour, is the first step in creating change and moving forward.
— Anne Cross

Anne Cross’ part memoir, part how-to, and part nutrition guide From Stressed To Blessed is a worthwhile read. It’s empowering and really focuses on the many different components that aid in rebuilding yourself after a period of lows. If you’re struggling to look after your mental health, have faced a physical or mental breakdown, have an illness, or if you’re trying to recover from one, then this book does a great job with helping you to overcome all of those things.

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In this book Anne Cross shares with us her tips and tricks that she found helped best with picking herself back up after her battle with chronic fatigue. She found that a combination of eating well, exercise, meditation and other exciting things, all included in her book, aided getting back her mojo. Along her journey to recovery, she became a nutritional therapist when she realised just how important certain types of foods are and how making small swaps can truly make a difference to not only your body but most importantly your mind. The advice and tools she gives are all simple and small lifestyle changes that you can easily incorporate into your daily routine without it feeling like a chore. 

Anne’s style of writing makes you feel as if you’re chatting to your best friend over a cup of tea. It’s very well laid out and she has not just written this book for herself... she has done it for everyone out there who has also suffered in some way and is looking to transition from stressed to blessed. Restoring hope that you too can help your health, her story is honest, heartfelt and inspiring, which makes for a great read.



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Words by Mine Sherefali