The Best Podcasts For Inspiration

Podcasts are a goldmine of information, whether you're looking for career advice or searching for inspiration, you are guaranteed to find what you're looking for in these podcasts. From interviews with ladies who are killing their careers to finding out what you can do to go up the career ladder, The Merit Club team have rounded up a few of the best ones out there for you.

At Home With…


British bloggers Lily Pebbles and Anna Newton have teamed up to produce a podcast for those who are interested in the professional lives of successful women. A person’s home can reveal so much and Lily and Anna have walked through the front doors of some of the most amazing women from Jo Elvin, the editor of Glamour UK magazine to Alexia Inge, the founder of Cult Beauty. This inspiring podcast is a reminder that most businesses start from home.

In Good Company With Otegha Uwagba

otegha uwagba

In Good Company is hosted by Otegha Uwagba the founder of Women Who and author of modern career guide Little Black Book. Whether you’re just starting out or you’re expert in your field, you’ll find loads of career inspiration as these podcasts are filled with practical advice, fresh ideas and interviews with smart, successful women.

My Big Idea

my big idea asos podcast

We’ve all dreamed of switching up our career life, achieving our work goals or staring our own business and My Big Idea is a must listen and was created by Danielle Radojcin,freelance journalist and previous editor of ASOS magazine, she interviews young, smart women creating their own path, dominating all industries.

The Couragemakers Podcast

the courage makers podcast

This weekly podcast is a space for unconventional couragemakers from all over the world to share their stories, dreams and advice with Meg Kissack of That Hummingbird Life. The podcast is full of conversations with successful people who finally figured out what they want in life. They talk about the things that rattle their cages as well as the monsters that are hiding under the bed. Building the life you want can be a challenge but these phenomenal women show you that putting in the hard work and going after what you want is all worth it. The Couragemakers could be the sign that you’re looking for.

The Call

the man repeller podcast the call

Man Repeller’s podcast, The Call is hosted by writer Erica Williams Simon. In her podcast she talks to successful women about their careers and the challenges that they have come across along the way in an intimate conversation. It’s all about women who have found their true calling, chased their dreams and become the success that they are.

What other podcasts have you listened to recently that you loved? Comment below!