Mel Robbins on How To Beat Self-Doubt in 5 Seconds

The secret to greater confidence, the secret to beating self-doubt, the secret to building that legacy, to being hungry… 5 second windows, 5 second decisions.
— Mel Robbins

Mel Robbins has got to be one of our favourite inspirational speakers. The most booked female speaker in the world, a serial entrepreneur, and best-selling author, CNN legal analyst and opinion columnist, a Dr. Oz Healthline Expert, a SUCCESS Magazine Contributing Editor, and one of the most popular TEDx speakers of all time, she's got many a credential to her name, and knows a thing or two about building confidence, conquering self-doubt and striving for your goals. What has Mel discovered on her journey to success? The Revolution of the 5 Second Rule. For Mel, counting down 5 seconds is all you need to take control back, and take action. 

As Mel discusses in this talk, a lot of us don’t understand what 'confidence' actually is. We might think of the bossy and annoying kind of confidence, but in reality this can be driven by insecurities. That person with all the bravado and the loud voice may project 'confidence', but inside is full of self-doubt. Meanwhile, someone who appears introverted and quiet, may in fact be resolute and full of confidence and self-worth internally. The idea that confidence is a personality trait, in Mel's view, is "baloney". Confidence is certainly not fixed, either. It's situational, and there will inevitably be areas of your life where you have a tonne of doubt.

Believe it or not self-doubt is a habit.
— Mel Robbins

Self-doubt can be a trap we all fall into now and again, some more easily than others. However, there are ways to free ourselves of self-doubt, and according to Mel, taking action is the key. We have to align our goals, harness self-control, and learn how to say no. In just 5 seconds we can make decisions that drive us forward pro-actively, rather than allowing ourselves to wallow in negative thinking, going nowhere. 

If you have a problem that can be solved with action, you don’t have a problem.
— Mel Robbins

It's normal to feel nervous now and again. It's normal to fear rejection. Yet, with the magical power of Mel's 5 second rule we can make positive decisions, take action, conquer our doubts and make real change with our lives. In this clip, Mel talks to different people in her audience, who all have goals and challenges that lie in their path. It's great to see how this rule can be applied to their different scenarios, and in turn your own. Ask yourself, what is the next chapter in your life? Think about what you have achieved and what you are hoping to achieve next. Apply the 5 second rule and have a think about what actions you can take to make your next chapter as successful as it can possibly be. A dramatic change might not happen for you in 5 seconds, but replace habits of self-doubt with this routine and we bet you will discover a breakthrough just like Mel. 

Have you ever just felt like sh*t? Mel Robbins has. "In 2008, my husband's restaurant business started going under, and it took our house, our entire life savings and almost our marriage with it.... At the time, I was also unemployed and I was facing an issue where I just felt like sh*t about myself," she tells the audience at SUCCESS Live Long Beach.