Get It Off Your Breasts: Shappi Khorsandi on the Stigma of Being Single

Get It Off Your Breasts is a female-led roundtable discussion with a difference. Hosted by Emma Gannon and Lliana Bird, this weekly podcast features unfiltered conversations, tackling a diverse mix of modern day issues that get under the skin of an always-on hyper-connected society. 

In this episode, the Get It Off Your Breasts team talk to comedian Shappi Khorsandi about the stigma of single life and raising children as a single mother. They question, why are people so shocked when you actively choose to be single as a woman. They cover break ups, exs, their new partners, having time being single, not letting a relationship define you, meditation, the importance of your mums, the tough times and the good. Some women may be feeling like they would love to have that moment of realisation and make a decision to be single, letting themselves off the hook of a relationship. However, it's not always easy. People can struggle from pressures of society, financial reasons, they may be addicted to love! With this in mind, they ask Shappi:

What would you say to those women who are seriel daters perhaps, jumping from relationship to relationship. How can they find that strength, or resolution... if they’re feeling like they want to and they’re scared to let themselves off that hook?

Listen on for their views on "sharenting" (i.e. oversharing pictures of your children) and why people are so obsessed with celebrity break-ups.