6 Psychological Tricks To Make People Like You Immediately

People like people who are like themselves; or who are like how they would like to be.


Positive Energy

loving & kind

sense of humour



What do these things all have in common? All will help you build stronger relationships and get people on your side.

Listen in as the likes of Tony Robbins, Will Smith, Keke Palmer, Elon Musk, and Dr Brené Brown give their top pieces of advice on how to make people like you and how to create genuine and real connections. It's all about harnessing that feeling of commonality and mutual understanding.  

There are so many little paradoxes in vulnerability.... To really put ourselves out there, knowing that if we do that enough we’re going to fail, I don’t think it gets more courageous than that. 
— Dr Brené Brown

So much can be said for keeping it real and being true to yourself. People can sense fake-ness and insincerity immediately. Yes, making yourself feel vulnerable may be the last thing you want to do, but people are highly likely to respect you for it and will admire your honesty over and above being brash or distant.