Free The Girl: A Story About (Finding) Self-Love by Maya Kiusalaas

A Merit Club Book Review

I didn’t know how to love myself. I constantly felt like I didn’t belong, that I was worthless. I compared myself to the girls around me and used that comparison to be unhappy.
— Maya Kiusalaas

Maya Kiusalaas takes us on her journey of finding how to love herself.

Amazingly, Maya started writing this book just aged 17, and didn’t publish it until 10 years later. As a result, through writing this book, not only did Maya help her teenage-self, she’s also been able to help women from all over the world with their personal missions on learning how to love themselves. Through personal experience and a real journey, she's successfully captured all of those things you wish you had known when you were a teenager. Full of questions to help you figure out who you really are, this book illuminates just how long the process can be of finding self-love. As it illustrates so candidly, along the way you are bound to find yourself coming face to face with your fears, and learning how to defeat them too. 

Women of all ages can find themselves in that out-of-place-feeling, feeling insecure, and trying to fit in. This book helps us understand just that, and how to get through it. It's full of ‘Hot Tips’ which make you think about your own life and what you have to be grateful for. You begin to learn that you’re not on your own and it is comforting that your feelings are being articulated by someone else who has experienced the same feelings as you. Not only this, Maya also brings to light interesting, weird and random questions to help you come to terms with why you do the things that you do, what you feel, the way you act, and most importantly help you to understand who you truly are. Let's face it, sometimes the things that we do make no sense at all. Yet, when you start asking yourself the same questions that Maya has asked, you can begin to see things from a new perspective.

Ultimately, Maya reminds us just how important it is to look after both your physical health, and your mental health. Just because you are looking after the physical side of yourself, doesn’t mean that you are truly happy from within. You have to take care of your mental state as well. And, no matter what, you can never really change the person you are inside and your long term happiness if you are not treating yourself with the love you really deserve. Love from others, but most importantly love from yourself.



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