Jobslut by Ashley Brown

So, what is a jobslut? I hear you asking. Well, I was surprised to discover it does actually have a definition, albeit in urban dictionary. I am slutty with jobs. I am sure everyone has the odd day where they feel like giving up on their job and jumping on-board something else. I kind of it.
— Ashley Brown

Protagonist Anna Baker has bounced from job to job since the age of 13 - the infamous "jobslut" who has no chance of committing to a job. Taking inspiration from herself, author Ashley Brown creates a main character who feels as though she is experiencing every occupation that has ever existed.

Confused as to whether this an accomplishment or something to be worried about, Anna moves to London where she continues to bounce around between careers. From a position at a law firm, to a marital detective, and even preparing the dead for viewings at the mortuary (a job that she talked her way into!) - you name it and Anna’s most certainly done it, even if she wasn’t qualified for it.

This light-hearted novel is perfect for anyone who’s experienced the bumpy ride of unpredictable career journeys, trying to find their way into the hands of a nine-to-five. Reading books that are about jobs and careers don’t always have to be serious; Anna’s journey is a hilarious read and reminds us that finding the right job for you is never easy. 

This book is a real page turner. You never know what Anna will be doing next. She injects a little bit of silliness into the mundane life of everyone around her, and in between this and being a "jobslut" she's trying to keep her past at bay. As Anna falls into a career that seems perfect for her, will she let her fears ruin it all? 

An entertaining and enlightening read, you'll find this one difficult to put down!

Words by Mine Sherefali

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