Girls Guide To The Galaxy Podcast: Your Inner Self Critic + Self Sabotage

No one’s perfect. Everyone has their stuff. And everyone has their struggles. It’s important to know you’re not alone.
— Jennifer Jaden

In this Girls Guide To The Galaxy Podcast, Jennifer Jaden & Caggie Dunlop are here to "real talk" about the stuff that no one is talking about. Each episode covers topics that they wish they had more knowledge about, as well as discussing the things they wish they could tell their former selves. As they emphasise, it's important to share advice about struggles and difficulties. They have experienced struggles of their own and want to pass on any advice and help they can. 

Caggie opens up about her move from reality TV (of Made in Chelsea fame) and the pressures and hurdles that threw at her, to pursuing her true dreams of becoming a singer in LA. While Jennifer, a self defined serial entrepreneur, opens up about her journey from business, to blogging, falling ill to setting up the social society, societygal, where creatives can come together. In this episode, they discuss how self sabotage can keep a lot of us stuck, preventing us from progressing. It can become so all-consuming. However, Jennifer & Caggie explore how they deal with it on a daily basis and are using different tools to not let it define them. It's all about being real, digging deeper, and bringing people together. An inspiring, fun and #girlpower listen.