Badass Womens Hour Podcast Meets Sex Expert Alix Fox

Brought to you from Talk Radio, the BAWH - that's Badass Womens Hour - brings you 3 women, 1 hour, and all the opinions they can muster, thrown in with some badass chat.

Are we just bringing the men down to a level that the women are trying to crawl their way out of?
— Harriet Minter

In this episode, join Harriet Minter, Emma Sexton and Natalie Campbell as they whizz through a huge range of hot topics, life dilemmas and debates, 

First up, they talk about the gender pay-gap and how the pay landscape, work ethic and work place is looking for millennials. Is this pay gap now evening out, or is it simply closing now that men are finding themselves doing jobs such as retail and hospitality that are paid less and were originally taken mostly by women. What is the average millennial aspiring to do these days? Has it changed? What can be expected? 

Next up, they look to what happens when love goes wrong, covering the complexities, difficulties and frustrations of divorce; the lengths we should go to as parents, responsibilities and the financial complexity this can bring.

They then turn to sex expert Alix Fox, looking into the best contraception out there at the moment, synesthesia, orgasms, and that all important question... does size matter!

They cover hot topics and aren't afraid to challenge them, digging deeper. They don't always agree, which makes for lively and interesting debates that you can really engage with. They've got us thinking, and we hope you'll enjoy it too.