When Life Gives You Melons with Maya Jama

A Show in collaboration with Freya

Maya Jama, Radio 1's latest show presenter, hosts this super fun podcast series about work, life, sex, and boobs! Featuring different female celebrity guests in each episode, they talk dating disasters, career advice, and breaking up with friends. 


In this episode, Maya chats to Vanessa White, Becca Dudley and Louise Troen from bumble, about the dos, donts, mishaps, and successes in the world of dating, exposing with a giggle those truths of first dates, seeing people, and relationships. 

Want to find out what the girls think about those dating apps, one liners, paying the bill, date outfits, undies, grooming and that all important question of working out when it's official, from dream dates to freaking out, have a listen!

Lighthearted and laid-back, this is an easy listen for a bit of girl-power and sisterhood!