Hot Mess by Lucy Vine

A Merit Club Book Review

It’s so great hearing how much my loved ones think being single on Valentine’s Day when you’re nearly thirty is worse than death.
— Lucy Vine

Hot Mess by Lucy Vine is a breath-of-fresh-air book, as her witty writing style has you laughing all of your way through. Conquering a common stigma that is attached for women like Ellie, Lucy challenges the idea that if you don’t settle down soon then you’re potentially going to be on your own forever. When it comes to writing a book that is accurate in its account for single girls who are constantly being bombarded with that ‘still single?’ petty question, she nails it. As Lucy proves in this hilarious book, being a single-pringle isn’t all that bad.

Ellie Knight, the main character in Hot Mess, is everybody’s spirit animal; she is the single-girl heroine that every 30-something-year-old woman needs in her life. The book follows Ellie through her messy dates, following her as she tries out apps like Tinder and struggles through the ups and downs of modern dating. Even though Ellie feels as though her life is falling apart, she is a great example to young women that you don’t have to pretend that you have your life together. In all honesty, no one has life fully figured out yet. She is a reminder to us all that it's okay to not be settled yet and that you shouldn’t let family, friends or society choose the way you should live your life. Ellie has amazing strength and sass, especially when it comes to dealing with the things that she has to.

This is certainly not your typical cliché, rom-com novel, as Lucy cleverly creates a character that is very relatable. She doesn’t pretend that Ellie is perfect. She is flawed, sarcastic, honest and, most importantly, human in her relationship woes. Lucy responds to the everyday life of nearly every girl in the world, because we can all struggle with work, single life and friendships while finding our way.

The literature-world has been missing a book just like this, and luckily enough Lucy Vine has provided us with it. If you’re looking for a new read then make sure Hot Mess is one of them.

Words by Mine Sherefali



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