The Psychology Podcast: Become 10% Happier & Meditation with Dan Harris

Our mind is a fever swamp of urges, desires, and judgements. It’s fixated on the past and the future to the detriment of the here and now.
— Dan Harris
Hopefully we’ll provide a glimpse into human possibility.
— The Psychology Podcast

The Psychology Podcast with Dr. Scott Barry Kaufman is a great listen if you're looking for interesting insights into the mind, brain, behaviour and creativity, with each episode featuring a new guest who aims to stimulate your mind and give you a greater understanding of your self, others, and the world we live in. 

In this podcast, Scott talks to ABC News Anchor Dan Harris, 'perhaps the most unlikely meditation evangelist, ever', who experienced a panic attack on Good Morning America and subsequently wrote the New York Times bestselling memoir 10% Happier. They both discuss their scepticism with the idea of meditation, facing up to their impatient tendencies, addictions, and fixations, both healthy and unhealthy, and discovering how practicing meditation had the power to change their lives in some way. Self-confessing as having the "soul of a junky", Dan Harris brings the concept and practice of meditation to a very real, human, and humble level. As he expresses, "I don’t want to present [meditation] as something that is a cure for depression or anxiety; I think it is a good tool." For Dan, meditation can become a practice of going to the gym, but for your mind, with one of his favourite analogies comparing meditation to a bicep curl for your brain. Their discussion also explores Dan's personal experiences with self-help gurus Eckhart Tolle and Deepak Chopra, as well as Western Buddhist psychotherapists, such as Dr. Mark Epstein, revealing a journey towards meditation that is full of insight, personality and realness

Did you get distracted again? Totally fine, happens to me all the time, happens to everybody.
— Dan Harris

What also sets this podcast apart is a short glimpse into Dan's practice, with a 3 minute mindfulness meditation led by Dan himself at the end. If you're sceptical about meditation and whether you may benefit from it, we would really recommend a listen, you may be surprised. And if you enjoy it, why not download Dan's app, 10% Happier: Guided Meditation, designed for skeptics, built to help you keep it going, with a clear and simple approach to meditation.



Words by Lottie Franklin