Mrs Moneypenny’s Financial Advice for Independent Women

By Heather McGregor


We can’t recommend this book enough for getting in control of your finances, making your life that much easier and making your financial plans going forward easier to get your head around. Covering everything from mortgages, to how to pay off your credit cards, how to invest your money, Mrs Moneypenny puts finance into perspective on a day-to-day level and makes it that much easier to digest. For Mrs Moneypenny, it’s all about having a financial finish line, and creating those mid and long term financial goals. Whether you choose to read the book from cover to cover, or simply digest a couple of its chapters when needed, Mrs Moneypenny, with her personal experiences, punchy and chatty writing style, takes away the daunting feeling of looking at your finances, as a guide and a friend.

Informative and inspiring, Mrs Moneypenny has been bestowing her wisdom and advice in her weekly Financial Times column, together with presenting the Channel 4 Series Superscrimpers and performing a run at the Edinburgh Fringe, Broadway and the Hay Festival. A committed philanthropist, setting up the Taylor Bennett Foundation in 2007 and taking on the chairman role of the Career Academies Foundation, author Heather McGregor certainly knows a thing or two about taking control of your finances and excelling as an independent and ambitious woman.

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