The Goal Digger Podcast: How to Stay Creative and Tackle Your Next Project


In this podcast Jenna Kutcha, photographer, podcaster, and educator, interviews author Emily Freeman about creativity, and masterful ways to tackle projects and your next moves. For Emily, she never originally saw herself as a writer. It was only after publishing two and half books that she truly realised that it was her job, and finally declaring this made her come alive. Overcoming the concept of writer’s “blocks” and the fear of writing terribly is so key for Emily, accepting that writing anything at all, be it to the highest possible standard or to not such good quality, is all part of the process. We need to write terrible words, discusses Emily, and we have to get past the fear of being imperfect to get our flow back. With any project, Emily sees the importance of three fundamental feelings: Frustration, Passion & Hope, and in this insightful interview it’s clear that we need to put our fears aside, and actually put our obsession with the wrong things to good use instead of bad.

An artist is someone who is brave enough to move towards something that makes her come alive. And art is what happens when she does that… art is just the evidence. Writing is the evidence I had chosen to move to what makes me come alive.
— Emily Freeman