Close Encounters from The Guardian: Polyamory, Sexual Unicorns and Google Calendar

Polyamory… it just doesn’t seem to be something that’s widely discussed, especially in the UK, and people may be quick to judge the idea of it before fully understanding what it really involves.


In this podcast, Alix Fox digs a little deeper and talks to a couple in a fulfilling polyamorous relationship, Michelle and Reuben. Embracing the ideals of polyamory, deriving from the Greek “many loves”, Michelle and Reuben live together, sleep together and date other people together. The interview makes it clear just how committed they are to each other as a couple, far removing polyamory from ideas of cheating, swinging or polygamy. Yet it also unveils their openness to accepting further romantic relationships with other individuals, be this together or individually, and the ways in which this enhances their lives and also their relationship with each other. There’s complications, jealousy and all manner of emotions involved, but what soon becomes clear is their need for completely open and transparent discussion in their relationship. It’s a refreshingly open and frank discussion, getting to grips with the idea of polyamory and engaging with the stigma, discrepancies and confusion surrounding it.