An Acquired Taste Podcast - On "The Fun Girl"


Join Sam, Bethany and Kathleen - three fun, outgoing and straight-talking best friends - in their free-spirited podcast as they chat about issues light-hearted and deep which affect women every day.

This podcast brings to light a feeling so many of us experience - worrying about not being the fun girl.

Have you had a time when you’ve just not been in the mood to go out and carry on partying, but your friends have all been egging you on, giving you a hard time for being a “spoil spoilt”? Even if they may have the best intentions and are coming from a good place, it’s really hard to not take this kind of judgment to heart and feel guilty for saying no. There can often be a negative energy and criticism surrounding it which is hard to battle with. No one wants to feel like they’re being boring or judged. And even though everyone should feel content saying no if they don’t want to, it’s sometimes easier than it sounds.

In their confessions about feeling this way, and not always being the fun girl, the girls try to work out how best to conquer it. There’s something to be said for drawing a line for yourself and working out whether this feeling of not being the fun girl is something you want to change or whether you need to figure out how you can adjust your attitude accordingly so as not to let it get to you. They laugh about how deeply they begin to think about it, but that’s what makes their honesty and humour so inspiring and engaging. With some life lessons they learnt from Oscar nominee and Precious star Gabby Sidibe too, these girls have some interesting thoughts on making sure you’re in check with your happiness and confidence, and it’s well worth a listen in our opinion.