Why You Will Marry The Wrong Person

Alain De Botton gets frank, why you will marry the wrong person and how you can change your mindset on the search for a partner.

Ever been set up on a date by a friend with promises of “they’re perfect for you”, to then be met with a perplexed and puzzled look when you try to explain to them that the date just wasn’t quite for you, there wasn’t a spark, or you just didn’t quite fancy them, even though said date may have had nothing wrong with them whatsoever, be nice and gorgeous inside and out. Well, there may be a way of looking at this that isn’t so perplexing after all. Alain de Botton gets frank in this lecture about what it really means to love, coming to terms with ourselves as a complicated mixture of both good and bad, and accepting that everyone really is psychologically quite strange. Finding the right person to marry may, in fact, require us to assess the difference between seeking familiarity and finding what will actually make us happy.