How To Stay Focused

Brendon Burchard uncovers the pitfalls and challenges we all face in staying focused and how to solve them.

Struggling to focus? Is it much surprise when our priorities are constantly being tugged in all directions, priorities which can easily become confused and muddled amongst the stress and strains of everyday life and immediate tasks. What have we learnt from Brendon Burchard? If you don’t have time to watch the full clip, here are our top tips:

  1. Minimise the decisions you’re making. Why make life harder for yourself. It can sometimes seem like there are constant problems to solve, so try to appreciate how many decisions you are having to make day-to-day and then begin to strip them back.

  2. Define a mission for yourself. Really think about your goals and what you want to achieve, be this for the day, the week, or the year, and set your focus.

  3. Evaluate. Become more receptive to how valuable your time is. Only do the things that are actually going to move you forward and help you progress..

  4. Learn to say no. A way to cut back on having to make so many decisions is learning to say no. Before agreeing to a commitment, give yourself a moment to think about it. Check it against your mission and evaluate whether it will help you move forward.

  5. Stop browsing. We’re surrounded by phones, laptops, and screens - easy access to addictive distractions, clips, and ways to pass the time. If you’ve set yourself a task, don’t be tempted to refresh your social media homepage until you have completed it. Cue eye-roll. Yes, it sounds obvious and something your grandmother might say, but we all need reminding of it now and again. Five minutes turns into half an hour, and whoosh our mission and focus goes out the window.