Mars Brain, Venus Brain

John Gray at TEDxBend

Now we’ve all heard that phrase, Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus. A phrase coined by John Gray, the author of the best-selling book to which it lends its name. A book crowned as a bible for relationships, with over 15 million copies selling worldwide. But what does it really mean, and is it now just a load of outdated relationship nonsense? If you don’t have time to read through his book to find out, it’s well-worth watching the man himself at his TED talk, a funny, honest and eye-opening discussion, one of our all time favourite videos. Whether you’re in a relationship and going through your own battles, or a singleton who can look on Mr & Mrs tugs-of-war from an outside perspective, John Gray knows a thing or two about relationships and, in fact, has a lot to say about the hormones that may be fuelling us and our emotions.