The Best Money Advice Ever Given

Presented by InspireDiscipline

How to think about money as a tool to buying happiness, and what are our intuitions about the relationship with money and happiness.
— Dan Ariely

Do you ever wish people could just be more frank about money, or have you ever felt unsure what advice is best to follow when it comes to spending and keeping control of your finances? 

This compilation of interviews highlights just how many approaches you can take to keeping in control of your money. There's no set plan or answer. Interviewing a huge range of people within different industries, from author and actor Ben Stein, to boxer and entrepreneur George Foreman, this video uncovers just how many ways there can be to keep on top of your finances. While some people actively encourage you to spend your money, some people may focus more on saving. Yet, as they all reveal, there are little changes you can make which can make a big difference. Differentiating between your wants and your needs, and ultimately, making sure you are in control. Who's advice would you follow?