Over 50 and Childless: The Truth About Choosing Not To Have Children

Presented by 2nd Act TV

Have you ever considered not to have children? Or did you already make the conscious decision not to have children? What questions have you faced with your decision? Do you think you will have any regrets later in life?

In this interview presented by 2nd Act Tv, a resource that sets out to provide motivation, inspiration and information for men and women over 50,  Silke Schwarzkopf and Susan Josey discuss their decisions to not have children. As this clip uncovers, if you are a woman (or man for that matter) who chose not to have children, you may likely have been on the receiving end of the question of regret.

I worried I would have regrets, but I don’t. My life is very full… and I feel very complete.
— Susan Josey

Growing up in communities where the majority of women had children, both Silke and Susan both came under scrutiny for their decisions. They open up about feeling a lot of pressure to have a child, with people asking about their decision and having to explain their choice. Regrets, or no regrets, this interview throws into question any sense of skepticism, doubt or regret, and sends out a positive message for whatever decision you may or may have made.