Family Is Everything To Me

She taught me how to love, how to be kind, how to be real, how to be genuine towards people… live every second as if it’s your last, and always help the poor.. Live simply so other people can simply live.

Day-to-day throughout the year it can be so easy to get swept up in our lives, and to not take that time out to let people know how much they really mean to us. It takes special moments to trigger us to really appreciate the people we value most highly in our lives and let them know. Be it Christmas, the New Year, this is a time of year that gives us an opportunity to cherish those people in our lives that we hold most dear.

As this evocative and emotional video so aptly reminds us, we should never hold back from letting those people in our lives we love know how much they mean to us. For those people who have taught you life lessons, or have looked out for you at some point this past year, thank them. Take time to reach out. Visit, or even just give them a call. It's a time to be grateful.