Pavel Mischenko: Why Your Birth Order is a Blessing and a Curse


By TedXBocaRaton

Ever noticed personality traits that separate you from your siblings? Ever spotted those tell tale signs of a first born, a middle child, the youngest child, or an only child in a friend or a colleague: a light-bulb moment that has explained an awful lot about their adult habits?  

How long does it take to develop a habit? 66 days according to Pavel Mischenko. And when do these habits of ours begin? From our childhood. Trained therapist, business consultant, author and speaker Pavel Mischenko has a lot to say for the influence our birth orders have over lifetime habits. For Pavel, there is great importance in being mindful about these habits and the ways in which they carry our strengths, our talents... and also our shortcomings. 

You've been secretly programmed for great success. You've also been programmed for stress and conflict. How? It happened during your childhood-and you had no choice or control over it. Trained therapist and business consultant Pavel Mischenko will explain how to unlock the mysteries of your BIRTH ORDER HABITS Is an international business consultant, author, speaker, and a leading expert in helping organizations understand how to manage personalities in the work place.