Dr. Brian Little's Personalities At Work

Presented by YOW! Conferences

Unsure whether you would consider yourself an extrovert or an introvert? Interested in finding out, and understanding how this may be effecting your approach to life, and the ways you react to different pressures, stimulants, and situations? Take a watch of Dr. Brian Little's lecture to find out which personality traits you have, and how the people around you may be acting out of character in order to advance their personal projects. 

In this lecture, Dr. Brian Little draws from the field of personality science to explore the five big personality traits which he believes separates people from one another, with categories of people who are: open to experience, conscientious, extraverted, agreeable, and neurotic (or especially sensitive!)

People have many different variations of personality traits, all of which can be shaped by our experiences and the cultures in which we live. Yet, there are some interesting patterns to observe when drawing up a scale between introverts and extroverts, patterns which bear importance upon our abilities to learn, engage, our memories, our performance, our paranoias, our pronoias, and whether we seek our rewards or are constantly avoiding punishments.  

Drawing upon psychological insights and years of research, Dr. Little's talk is both insightful and up-lifting. It is no surprise that his motivational talks have helped organisations and professionals alike to understand just how important our personalities are to our individual performances,  knowledge which everyone can use to their advantages.