Creating A Clutter Free Christmas

Presented by Clutter Free Academy


Do you ever find the Christmas season so stressful and hectic that you don't have the time and energy to even celebrate and enjoy what it's all about? With people to please, so much to organise, family politics, traditions and chaos in tow, do you ever wish for a more clutter-free, stress-free festive period?

Join the Clutter Free Academy and host Kathi Lipp, as they talk to Erin Macpherson about keeping clutter free in your heart, your home, and your mind.

This podcast focuses on Christmas in particular, and the stresses it can bring along with it. As Kathi and Erin discuss, the lead up to the holiday season can often seem like a frantic whirlwind, and quite frankly brings the opposite of peace and joy. They explore the many different things you can do to let go of the stress this year. For them, it's about getting purposeful about your peace this Christmas. Some traditions are not meant to be forever. There are limits. And sometimes, it just takes stepping back, talking to each other, and working out what each member of your family festive crew actually wants from their Christmas for the year. There's a lot to be said for being purposeful in what you're doing, rather than holding onto dead traditions for traditions-sake. 

Funny and light-hearted, with a festive spin, listen in to see whether you too may need to clutter-free your Christmas this year, and in turn, make this Christmas your own.