The Lively Show: Law of Attraction

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In this podcast Jess Lively gets talking to her friend and videographer Megan Bowers about that mysterious and powerful Law of Attraction, delving into the parts that can seem confusing and looking at the different pioneers of the idea, with a focus on the followers of "Abraham Hicks" in particular whose guiding voice speaks out through a lady called Esther. 

Addressing questions such as... Do I need to take "Massive Action" as promoted in the workings of Tony Robbins, how do we use "Massive Action" from a place of alignment, should life feel "easy and good" all the time, what is my first manifestation, and what is the most critical part of all desires... Jess explores the finer points of the Law of Attraction and how to use it to live the life you want. She describes what Self Love is and means to her, and investigates just how important it is to all of our desires. 

An interesting listen on how to approach life and channel new ways of thinking, energy, and the Law of Attraction, which so often can be misunderstood and misapplied.