Lisa Nichols' 3 Sentences That Will Change Your Life

These 3 Sentences Will Change Your Life by Lisa Nichols

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I think once sad comes you don’t know it’s coming. It’s one little circumstance… another missed moment when you don’t speak your mind… another moment when you don’t say what’s on your heart… another moment when you say yes and you really wanted to say no... another moment when you just put everyone else in front of you… and here I was in the doctor’s office, clinically depressed.
— Lisa Nichols


"Words are power. Words speak life" asserts Lisa Nichols, and wow are her words powerful. Emotionally-charged and so inspiring, Lisa's Find Your Way Back speech reveals her very personal struggle with an abusive relationship and depression, and then the ways in which she turned her life around in just 30 days, discovering herself, and learning how to love herself again. 

Coupled with her incredible story, is her powerful advice on how to overcome troubling times. It may only take little decisions to allow things to seem overwhelming and completely out of your control, but as Lisa stresses only you can choose how you are treated and how you can move forward. As Lisa describes, faced with guilt, anger, blame, and shame from abuse, you question how did I get here? How will I get out? How will I move forward and find a way out? For Lisa, "it was my job to fall madly in love with myself first." Somehow, you have to find the strength to find pride in yourself again, to celebrate yourself, forgive yourself, cut out the blame, shame, guilt, regret and anger, and to commit to yourself entirely.

Lisa may be a motivational speaker, best selling author, and CEO of a hugely successful business, but she has had to overcome hurdles and obstacles in her path to get to where she is today. Stripping away the stigmas of labels and fear, this emotive video conveys such a positive and uplifting message for women worldwide. We couldn't agree more with Lisa in her affirmation: "Im not a hero, I’m a she-ro.” She really is an inspirational woman. 

If you want to create a better life, design a better conversation. If you want to design a better conversation, think about a thought. Not about them, but first about you.
— Lisa Nichols