Chloe Brotheridge: Let's Talk About Anxiety

In this podcast, Emma Gannon, of Ctrl Alt Delete, talks to our upcoming guest speaker Chloe Brotheridge about her book The Anxiety Solution, discussing her advice for how to deal with anxiety, how to use meditation, and what to do when we are feeling overwhelmed.


Talking openly about her own personal journey with anxiety and the lessons she has learned along the way, Chloe advocates the importance of putting yourself and your mental health first. Anxiety can often feel so physical, and it is not just something you can snap out of immediately. Sharing personal experiences, Chloe and Emma discuss the importance of confronting anxiety and befriending it, promoting the need to talk about it, without feeling shame or fear of judgment. As they confer, it’s a normal human experience to feel anxious, and Chloe is working towards making people feel confident enough to talk openly about it. We should accept that our feelings are there for a reason, and they’re telling us something we can’t simply ignore.

From the impact of alcohol on our anxiety, that Sunday night fear, the influence of social media and constant news updates on our phones, to the benefits of exercise, yoga, and meditation, Chloe and Emma explore the different ways our mental health is put under pressure at different points in our lives and how we can create coping mechanisms for ourselves. As Chloe emphasises, meditation is not something you should feel daunted by. It’s not about being good or being bad about it. It’s something you can practise. It’s about going through the process. We couldn’t agree more, that there needs to be a balance between exercising your body and also exercising your mind, and we can’t wait to find out more of Chloe’s advice on how to rejuvenate our outlook and becoming calmer and happier in our day-to-day lives.

We hope you can join us for our very own Merit Club Anxiety Detox with Chloe on Thursday 12th October, for an insightful talk on dealing with anxiety and a hypnotherapy session specifically designed to reprogramme your mind and aid relaxation. During this workshop, Chloe will discuss the strategies for managing anxiety in day to day situations and help you in becoming more calm and positive in our outlook.

We can’t wait to introduce you!

The Anxiety Solution: A Quieter Mind, A Calmer You