Lisa Cudrow: There is a Reason For Everything

Treat disappointments as guide posts that keep you on your path.
— Lisa Cudrow

“Thank God I got fired. There is a reason for everything.” Yes Lisa Cudrow! We applaud you! This clip shows Lisa Cudrow in full force, stressing just how important it is to accept there is a reason for everything. After getting fired from hit show Frasier early on in her career, Lisa reveals the effects of rejection and fighting against doubts and disappointment. With so much self-doubt and so much seemingly at stake, your 20s can be a time full of crossroads and uncertainty. Yet, as Lisa emphasises we have to keep those moments of doubts as moments only. We have to keep going and keep pursuing our goals. Disappointments can act as the guide posts to keep you on your path to where you are meant to be. They really can teach you and guide you to bigger and better things. You just have to keep on going and pushing those boundaries.