Kirsty Hanly: The Magical Power of Fear

Presented by TEDxSquareMile

How many times .... have you had a thought and just gone ahead and acted on it, without even pausing. Most of us treat our thinking almost like it’s an army officer calling us to attention. But the good news is you can break rank of your thinking. You get to choose.
— Kirsty Hanly

Inspired living coach, Kirsty Hanly has transformed her life, from letting fear define who she was, to connecting into the power of fear, breaking out of her thinking, and living her life without being ruled by it. As Kirsty explores, everyone has fears, and often it is so much easier to do everything you can to keep away from them rather than connecting to them. It’s true, some fears do seem more acceptable to share than others. From being scared of spiders, to being afraid of public speaking, there are many top level fears which we are open to discussing. Yet, within all of us, tends to exist a deeper structure that we perceive to be not okay to share with others; fears which we then proceed to build barriers around. Kirsty opens up about her personal experiences and the stepping stones she has taken to get to where she is today. Standing up against her fears, Kirsty explores the ways in which fears and limiting beliefs really are just thoughts. Nothing has to be fixed and we can change our minds. What is stopping us from breaking out of our thinking? Who would you be if you let go of your fears? Who would you be if you believed in yourself more?