The Lively Show: How to Sync Your Heart + Brain Waves for More Healing, Alignment & Less Stress with Howard Martin

In this podcast Jess Lively gets talking to Howard Martin, the spokesperson of HeartMath, on the power of syncing our heart waves with our brain waves. They guide listeners through research and science that has opened up new ideas surrounding the importance of our hearts, not simply as an organ pumping blood around our bodies, but also as a key component to our central nervous system and as a processing centre for many of our internal neurological connections. Expanding upon the heart's functions, as a fundamental core for our stress levels, hormones and emotions, this podcast explores the importance of rebalancing ourselves, not simply through our minds but through a heart brain connection. 

The concepts behind HeartMath encourage people to access their heart’s intuition, in order to become a calmer, more confident version of themselves. Proven to help reduce stress and anxiety by increasing your inner balance and self-security, it is revolutionising the way we think about and connect to our hearts. When thinking of the heart as a subject, it’s easy to jump to somewhat "unscientific" ideas of love, romance, leading with your heart over your head, and treating the heart as an entity that is out of your control in contrast to your mind. Most people, they discuss, live their lives from their neck up. Yet, as science is proving, they suggest that the heart really is crucial to our communications, the magnetic energy we emit from our bodies, and our release of hormones and biochemicals. For Howard, if people begin to access their heart’s intuition more confidently, and consistently, they will have the chance to become far more connected with their sense of self, tap into good feelings and emotions, and live a life of growth far more readily.  

If ideas of magnetic fields, emitting and radiating fields of energy from our very beings, and tapping into your nervous system have got you thinking, then take a listen to this podcast and let us know what you think!