Kirsty Partridge Art: Do's & Don'ts, How To Draw A Face | Step By Step Drawing Tutorial

Ahead of The Merit Club's first Life Drawing Class, we thought we would treat you to some inspiring nuggets of artistic wisdom, with a few tips and pointers on how to make the most of your drawing skills.

Kirsty Partridge's Youtube tutorials are a particular highlight for us. Yes... it's unfair... she makes drawing look ridiculously easy. She conjures up her amazing portrait without any signs of mistakes or second guessing. However, with her guidance, it's interesting to see where common mistakes can often be made. From the size of the eyes, to the way you shade, and what materials are best to use, there's lots of little tricks that can set you off on your drawing challenges in the right direction. Everyone has to start somewhere, and with inspiration like this and a few pointers, it's time to grab a pencil and get practising!