The best time-tracking tool

Toggl is a time allocation manager which can help you increase your focus, efficiency and motivation, giving you all the necessary tools for tracking what you do.

See graphs of how you or your team spend your time and see your productivity improve!

In this post we outline some of the key features of this tool, focusing on the offerings of the free version.



It has been designed for use either by freelancers, small enterprises or large organisations, wanting to track how much time is spent in different tasks within various projects.

As a freelancer you can boost your productivity by tracking how long it takes you to get certain things done, thus increasing your focus. In addition, your clients will appreciate you presenting them with an accurate timesheet when billing them (although the latter is a starter feature).

It's also great for companies with small teams, including for managers that need a clear understanding of how their team is managing its work. The free version allows up to five people to be added in a team, while it also, generously - and importantly - allows for unlimited projects and clients. Toggl will show what everyone in the team is doing in real time and will give data on how much everyone in the team worked.




Toggl is super easy to use. With merely the push of a button, you are tracking your time.

The first thing to do once pressing the tracking button - or as soon as you can - would be describing what you are doing or what you have done, i.e. manually entering what you have completed, if you’ve missed tracking that.

You can, at this point, create a project, (i.e. visible to other team members), link it to a specific client and, if you wish, add a tag (all these can be added at a later time too).

You additionally have the option to add team members and decide their role in their project. A project can be marked as private or public (visible to other team members and once you finish a project it’s possible to archive it.




Toggl will report on your time management, on the basis of your chosen frequency while it will usefully include graphs (the free version only offers access to weekly reports). It’s possible to manually edit your time, use the app offline and have Toggl detect idleness (which we highly recommend you do). Toggl will kindly remind you to take a break when the time you have scheduled to complete a task is reached and to track your time when you have started working without pressing the button already.

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Toggl can integrate with more than 1000 online tools - you can do this using Zapier, a free automation tool that allows you to connect tools to each other.

Importantly enough, you can use Toggl pretty much everywhere as you can access it on all your devices and even add an extension to your browser.

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What tools do you use to manage yourself? Have you noticed a difference in your productivity? Share with us below!