Independent Cinemas To Watch The Leading Ladies

Women seem to be killing it in the film industry recently and are starting to take the lead showing that women have all the power. With films such as Red Sparrow starring Jennifer Lawrence who pushes the prima ballerina outlook to new heights and Tomb Raider with Alicia Vikander playing the fiercely independent Lara Croft, women are not to be messed with. Here at The Merit Club we are so ready for these incredible women to be dominating the screens worldwide. So we thought what better way to celebrate than to take a trip to one of these independent hidden gem cinemas and share with you the best ones.

genesis cinema.jpg

Genesis Cinema

This renovated 19th-Century building is showing the latest films as well as some independent ones in this arthouse cinema. You’ll definitely be watching in style, as the studio 5 screen features an in-cinema bar, being seated in sofas and armchairs with blankets and footstools at the ready makes it a relaxing and intimate experience.

Location: Genesis Cinema

Investment: £14.50 each ticket



Electric Cinema

Situated in Portobello Road it is one of London’s oldest cinemas which offers cinema-goers a unique experience installed with luxurious leather armchairs, footstools, cashmere blankets and waiter service delivering cocktails straight to your seat. If you’re feeling extra special you can even upgrade to a double bed. With the screen only seating upto 50 people and showing a mixture of mainstream, independent and foreign films, it is well worth the expense.

Location: Electric Portobello

Investment: Tuesday-Sunday £20 per person for an armchair, £36 (£18pp) for a front row bed and £45 (£22.50pp) for a back row sofa.


prince charles.jpg

The Prince Charles Cinema

 This 2 screen cinema is a London treasure located in Leicester Square it specialises in film events such as film marathons, sing-a-longs and pyjama events for the child within. It prides itself on having the most diverse film range in London. Although it is not as fancy it is steeped in history and the perfect place to catch up on movies that you’ve missed such as 2011 film Hanna.

Location: Prince Charles Cinema

Investment: £12.50 each ticket for non-members and £10 each ticket for members


castle cinema.jpg

The Castle Cinema

This boutique cinema was many other things before it was exactly that. It was crowdfunded by cinema lovers and beautifully renovated with 1960’s decor. It has a petite screen filled with 80 retro armchairs and a beautiful gold plaster curved ceiling with a lovely bar to have a delicious drink before the screening - it is truly a cinema to admire.

Location: The Castle Cinema

Investment: Standard ticket costs £14.50 and tickets cost £12 for members.



Lexi Cinema

This independent indie cinema with a brilliant concept is one that we should all be heading to. Not only is it run by local volunteers but every penny of its profits is donated to a charity in South Africa, meaning a guilt-free trip. With a cottage like exterior it hosts just one screen this comfy, quirky cinema is where you’d want to be seen watching the latest female heroines gracing our screens.

Location: The Lexi Cinema

Investment: £7.00 each ticket



Rich Mix

Best known for being 'a cultural space for everyone in the heart of East London' the Rich Mix cinema is also a cultural arts centre and believe it or not it is one of the few independent cinemas where film is just a small piece of what goes on there (it's not called Rich Mix for nothing.)

Location: Rich Mix Cinema

Investment: £6.00 each ticket


rio cinema.jpg

Rio Cinema

This independent Art Deco cinema is located in Dalston with a rich history stretching back over 100 years. Converted from an auctioneer's shop into one of London's very first cinema in 1909 by pioneering business woman Clara Ludski. Rio Cinema thrives in East London for its diverse range of film - home to Turkish and Kurdish film festivals. 

Location: Rio Cinema, Dalston

Investment: £7.00 each ticket

phoenix cinema.jpg

The Phoenix

Apparently, The Phoenix is the second oldest continually running cinema in the country and the venue is the highlight of the cinema experience. It is a stunning single screen cinema filled with history and you cannot help but be engulfed by it all. Built in 1910 and first opened in 1912, The Phoenix is part of the first wave of cinema building that happened across the UK in the early 1900s.

Location: The Phoenix Cinema, Finchley

Investment: £7.00 each ticket