5 Weird & Wacky Workouts To Kick Start Your Summer

We have selected some of the most unique workout classes that just might entice you to get moving! However, tied to our philosophy to always try something new and a bit different, we're resolute that the gym doesn’t have to be the only place you can go to do your workouts... from surfboards to hula-hoops, why not take up a new skill or challenge or even make the water your new best friend with one of these more unusual fitness classes. 

Yoga in the walkways


The sky is certainly not the limit at this unique vinyasa yoga class that takes place twice a month at Tower Bridge on the glass walkways. You’ll be doing yoga 42 metres above the River Thames... what a view! Escape the buzz of black cabs and London buses passing by underneath you from your spectacular viewpoint and allow this class to relax both your body and mind. These classes usually take place in the morning and what better way to start your day - by the end of this class you’ll be guaranteed to have plenty of energy to motivate you and spur you on wherever your day will take you. 

Cost: £25.00 per person

Time: Wednesdays, 07.30am - 08.20am (arrive by 7.15am) and Saturdays, 08:00am - 08.50am (arrive by 07.45am)

Address: Tower Bridge Road, London, SE1 2UP

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If being above the water is not for you, then maybe this exercise class could be the one for you, taking place on the water. The Haymarket Hotel has teamed up with the water experts at Aquaphysical to bring you FloatFit, the new exercise trend in the workout world. This low impact, cross training class gives you a full body workout in 30 minutes whilst also testing your balance floating above the water. It’s full of challenges but it is a fun way to burn off the festive food.


Cost: £35 (plus £2.75 booking fee)

Time: Next class Saturday 13th January 9am-9:30am or 10am-10:30am

Address: The Haymarket Hotel 1 Suffolk Place, London,SW1Y 4HX

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Who said yoga was only for humans? At Doga Mahny you can enjoy practicing yoga with your dog at your side. As well as it being beneficial to your mental health and helping reduce anxiety. It can also help release the stress and tension that your dog feels that may affect their behaviour. All in all Doga is all about having fun and a sense of humour is required for this class. Also what's so great about this class is that you don't need to own a dog at all as The Shoreditch Dog House will lend some extra dogs for a late night cuddle. 

Cost: £22.50 for weekly drop-in sessions

Time: Next class Thursday 18th January 7-8:30pm

Address: 12A Leather Lane London EC1N 7SS

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Hula hooping is back! The last time you picked up one of those nifty hula hoops was no doubt back in your childhood days, spending hours trying to keep it going around your waist for longer than the time before, but it's time for a re-visit. Now, your favourite childhood activity can be incorporated into a workout with classes by Anna the Hulagan who first brought hulafit to the exercise scene. This seriously fun and high energy class is for everyone by using weighted hoops to strengthen and tone your core... you’ll be leaving the class wanting more.

Cost: £6 per class

Time: Next class 17th January 6:30-7:30pm (booking in advance is required)

Address: The Hugh Cubitt Centre, Collier Street, N1 9QZ

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Aquabiking combines water and spinning for this super fun workout, and at Hydrofit you get given a more personal experience with individual jacuzzi-style cabins. You can pound away at those miles whilst watching TV. They even have twin cabins available so you and a friend can workout together in style. You’re in control of the resistance and speed, so choose how hard you workout, get spinning, and start biking your way to more energy and an invigorated super-fit feeling. 

Cost: 50% Off First Treatment or Trial Session with 6 rides for £99.00 or £20.00 for 30 minutes

Time: Next class Wednesday 17th January from 9am-7pm


London Chelsea: 278 Fulham Rd, London SW10 9EW

London Battersea: 137 Northcote Rd, London, SW11 6PX

We would love to know what fun things you tried out recently?