ToGetHer Further

ToGetHer Further help women who have found themselves stuck in work that no longer inspires or fulfils them - to make space and to find (or create!) work that they truly love.

They do this through their one to one coaching in person in London, where they help women to connect with what brings them alive, and through their events, workshops and online community, where they connect with each other and get further together.

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About Founder Siobhán Kangataran

Siobhán moved to London from Ireland, and found herself trapped in a job that she should have been proud of, but felt like it was draining the life from her.

I believe that being in the wrong job can do so much more harm than good, and I’m passionate about helping women realise they have far more choice and freedom about their working lives than ever. I originally studied law, and worked in the male-dominated world of construction, so I know how it feels to be the only woman in the room. But I left my job to retrain as a coach and to build ToGetHer Further, and now I am on a mission to make sure no woman suffers alone in work that no longer inspires or fulfils her. Together, we can get so much further towards where we want and need to be.
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Siobhán will arrange a call with you to hear more about where you are, and where you want to be, at no charge.

Then, when you’re ready to work with her, you will use a combination of reflective exercises to help you to get as clear as possible about your current working situation - before you meet in person to unpack everything fully, and get to what’s really going on, and what’s actually holding you back.

I only work with women who are ready to peel back the layers, and start making meaningful change in their lives, so if that sounds like you, then I’m looking forward to helping you find your own way to a life you love.

About the Coaching Sessions

This coaching session is for you if you have an idea of what you want to do with your life (or several ideas!) and you’re needing some space to unload and unpack everything so you can get clear on what really matters to you

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This includes:

  • A 30 minute pre-session call to discuss your situation.

  • Reflective exercises for you to explore your situation further in advance of meeting in person.

  • A 75 minute coaching session in person with Siobhán in Central London to explore your situation further, identify blockers and gain a fresh perspective to help you take yourself to the next level of clarity, awareness and understanding.

  • After your session, you will receive personalised recommendations & introductions to people and resources to help you to keep finding your own way.



Location: WeWork 15 Bishopsgate, London


Social: @togetherfurther


The Merit Club members receive a free 30min consultation, and £50 off your first coaching session/programme

If you are not a Merit Club member yet, 
but would like to take advantage of this offer, sign up for a 3 day FREE trial