Social Beautify

Ewa Pietreniuk a Digital Communication Expert, Social Media Strategist and veteran blogger at SocialBeautify.


Professionally, Ewa helps brands communicate with clarity online. After working in a female-dominated industry for years, she understands the setbacks women often face in work and life. Ewa is passionate about helping women to find their voice. 

Being a blogger herself, she also understands the challenges brands face when working with influencers and the importance of building a connection with different parts of the demographic. She leverages this expertise to advise clients and support them through all parts of the creative process, including visual content and social media. 


This service is perfect if you need help in adjusting your communication methods, tweaking your social media or influencers strategy. This consultation is best used to focus on specific elements of your communication strategy which then helps Ewa to recommend clear actionable steps to improve your online presence.

Book your consultation by the hour for those moments when you need direction or the insider knowledge to move forward with your projects.

You will work together to find clarity about what you need to do to grow and how to structure your content to convert and sell your products or services.




Social: @socialbeautify

Price: £90.00 p.h


At the moment clients can work with me either by booking a workshop ( half day or a full day) or mentoring program ( 3 months or 6 months). Now, I wanted to offer Merit Club access to me on an hourly basis, so if someone can afford only an hour, I’m happy to do so.



The Merit Club members receive a free 20 minute discovery call on top of the hourly session.

The call will help establish and cater some information before the session so that you can use the time most effectively. 

If you are not a Merit Club member yet, 
but would like to take advantage of this offer, sign up for a 3 day FREE trial