Boom Cycle

Not just an indoor cycling studio, Boom Cycle engages riders mentally as well as physically through their unique experience. No numbers, no competition, just fun. With the lights low and a world-class sound system, riders are swept away and immersed into the ultimate ‘party on a bike’ experience.

About Boom Cycle


A programme designed by former model and fitness extraordinaire, Hilary Rowland and entrepreneur Robert Rowland with a vision to empower and to be anything but exclusive; there’s no pretentiousness, just high fives all round. Their daily rides are led by expert motivators and have been adopted into the daily lifestyle of their Boom’ing community. Boom Cycle caters to all abilities but most importantly is here to encourage you to cut-loose from your day and forget your stresses.


BOOM Cycle Co-founder - Hilary Rowland

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In 2009 Hilary moved to London full time to be with her now business partner and husband Robert.  A firm believer in having multiple passions, Hilary remained a model but knew there was something else on the horizon. Keeping fit was one of her passions and she found that London lacked boutique fitness concepts that were proven to be dominating the market overseas. It was from this moment Hilary found her next calling - this is where Boom Cycle was born. In 2011 raising funds through investment and personal capital, Hilary and Robert opened their first Boom Cycle studio in Shoreditch, deemed the first ever boutique spin studio in the UK.  Since then the power couple have opened a further studio in Holborn in 2014, 2 further locations in Hammersmith and Battersea in 2017, a location in Monument in 2018 and are set to open in Waterloo September 24th 2019.

Alongside being the face, co-founder and creative director of Boom Cycle Hilary still instructs across all of Boom Cycle’s sites. She enjoys life through a balanced lifestyle and is focused on building her Booming empire, personal ambitions and keeping fit, healthy and up to date with the latest fitness trends London has to offer.

The Merit Club members receive an intro offer of 3 rides for £20 (instead of £29) or 5 rides for the price of 4.

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If you are not a Merit Club member yet, 
but would like to take advantage of this offer, sign up for a 3 day FREE trial