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This is a page for amazing women (just like you!) to enjoy little perks and share what you can. 

Our aim is to introduce you to female-led independent businesses, new concepts and ideas to broaden your horizon and to shift your day to day focus away from your routine stepping-stones and go-to brands. It's an initiative that we hope will bring women from different industries closer together, and closer to you!

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Why default to buying from the big-advertisers? Discover what these amazing women have to offer from their independent businesses! 



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DanniELLE Haig

We chatted with the lovely Danni to find out more about her highly successful coaching business and what tips she had for someone who is just starting out.



Explore the journeys of these inspiring women, learn from what they have been through, and get to know our community of women.

Our Goal?

The Merit Club Community is about showing support to other women and endorsing amazing initiatives. 

This community not only offers you the opportunity to discover the journeys of other passionate individuals who are making their dreams a reality, this community also offers you the chance to expand your own network and draw new interest towards your business and expertise.

We want to encourage you to join in and engage with these exciting ideas, simply by sharing, trying out, commenting, or recommending to others and help us build a network that is based on exchange of support and opportunities. 

This is a space for sharing new and exciting business ideas and in return, all we ask of the amazing women we feature on the page is to offer a special little perk for our members to enjoy. We really believe in the power of community, especially when women put their heads together and stand up for each other, so let's join forces and support niche female-led businesses together!

what to expect?

Month on month we will feature inspiring women showcasing their expertise, curating a number of opportunities from initiatives and businesses each month we truly believe in. We will ensure that these will be from women we love and who have demonstrated the highest quality and standard in their practice that we also pride ourselves in holding here at The Merit Club.

You can trust that everything we do is curated, tried and tested, so you will never have to waste your time or money on something not truly worthwhile.

We believe that life always seems that little bit easier when we share and explore solutions to the many complications that are thrown our way, and we hope our community proves us right!  

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