Where to go, what to listen to, which book to read next, how to become a more informed and well-rounded person? Do you ever wish someone could just point you in the right direction?

With our round-the-clock work diaries and hectic social calendars, it's often difficult to invest any time in ourselves and discover new things, even if they're right at our fingertips or just on our doorstep.

That's why The Merit Club is here to do all the thinking for you.

We offer you access to a curated library of content, including event recommendations, a media library full of interesting videos, podcasts, courses that gives you that competitive edge; to enrich your conversation topics and make you the person who always has something interesting to say; to provide a platform for all of those things they simply don't teach in school, but are vital skills to life.

We not only curate content for you, but offer you access to the most Exclusive members' clubs, Events and Experiences you wouldn't want to miss out on.


Why should our evening engagements be limited and confined to routine? 

Finding interesting events and expanding your network shouldn't simply be about who you work for, and what industry you are in, what career you have, and how much money you may be earning. 

We want to invigorate week-nights and make the process accessible and easy. 

Signing up to The Merit Club is simply about having the right attitude and ambition, with the enthusiasm to broaden your engagement to new spheres, topics and activities.  

The problem we see is that our careers and social lives are generally so consuming, that people rarely have the energy to expand beyond routine. 

That's why we have decided to create a platform that makes it easy for anyone to see what is going on around them with minimal effort invested. We've been searching for unique and inspiring things to do, listen to or read about that will add sparkle to our week-days, with ways to reach beyond our working diaries that are solely for us, our personal development, and our curiosity.

You can’t determine where you start your life, but you can choose where you end up
— Karren Brady


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