The very first Merit Club event
with Chloe Brotheridge

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Is your subconscious mind holding you back from being your calmest, happiest self?

Chloe Brotheridge, hypnotherapist and anxiety expert will guide a one-hour group hypnotherapy session specifically designed to reprogramme your mind and aid relaxation. During this session, Chloe will discuss the strategies for managing anxiety in day to day situations and in becoming more calm and positive. 


This event is for you if you:     

  • Can't stop over-thinking things
  • Struggling to switch off and relax
  • Want to live your life to the fullest but feel you’re holding yourself back     
  • Want more freedom and joy and to live in the moment     
  • Feel the pressure to be 'perfect' and to never make a mistake     
  • Get fearful about giving presentations or meeting new people     
  • Feel overwhelmed and as if you can't cope at times     
  • Feel anxious and stressed out         
  • Want to feel calmer, more confident and happier

What to expect?

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In this 1 hour session we’ll not only discuss strategies for managing anxiety, but you’ll experience a group hypnotherapy session specifically designed to reprogram your mind (and BTW, it’s seriously relaxing). You'll detox your mind of old beliefs, come more powerfully into the present moment and super charge your confidence - leaving you feeling ready to handle whatever the future brings. 

Come wearing comfortable, warm clothes ‎and take a seat on a mat in calming surroundings. 

Enjoy a fresh juice after the session, a chat with Chloe and receive a free hypnotherapy MP3 to continue your progress at home.

Chloe Brotheridge is a hypnotherapist, anxiety expert at and author of The Anxiety Solution: a Quieter Mind, a Calmer You (Buy here)

Workshop Schedule:  Thursday, 12th October, doors open 6:30, event starts 7pm-8pm

Location: COMO Metropolitan Hotel, Park Lane. map

Investment: £19 includes the talk, hypnotherapy workshop, fresh juice and hypnotherapy MP3

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